Elle Brown 

Turmeric Shots

This is Elle Brown who has been drinking Turmeric So Good Juice since May.   It took some coaching initially because she wasn’t used to the flavour.

Elle has mild asthma and in previous summers suffered from horrible hay fever.
We’re so glad to say that since taking the Turmeric juice every morning, she’s spent the summer basically hay fever free and has been able to train longer and harder as an Irish Dancer for the O'Neill Academy.

She now loves the flavour and her fitness is going from strength to strength.



Turmeric Shots

Amie suffers from hayfever most days of the summer months. At worse she would come out in swollen lumps like in the picture below. Since she had started taking our turmeric shots to aid recovery from a dancing injury, she began to notice that her allergies had also began to settle. However, last week Amie ran out of turmeric shots and her old hayfever symptoms returned. But within two days of getting back on track with the shots thankfully the swelling cleared away once again.

The active component of turmeric is curcumin, a polyphenolic phytochemical with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antioxidant properties. Our potent & powerful #SOGOODJUICE turmeric shot recipe stimulates the system, warms the digestion and improves nutrient assimilation. The effectiveness of our long & thought out recipe makes it a specific natural remedy for allergic rhinitis, hayfever & colds.

Thanks to Amie for allowing us to share this with everyone.


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Turmeric Shots

Hello, I have Psoriasis for over 22 years. I have read over the years Turmeric is great for skin conditions and any inflammation in your body so I’ve started taking your turmeric shots, over a month ago on daily basis. Yjere has been a major improvement in the appearance and redness and I can’t thank you enough as it means a lot to me after all these years to have some relief! Thank you so much


Gemma Gurney

Wheatgrass & Turmeric Shots

Couldn’t highly recommend it enough… it’s life changing & no better investment than investing in your health! Itsfantastic best investment I’ve made. After 25 years of chronic fatigue I’ve had no fatigue even in the midst of business stress etc and for the first time in 6 years my weight has stabilised. I take magnesium with my turmeric & wheatgrass and if I run out I definitely notice a big difference. Taking the turmeric & wheatgrass twice a day during our house move & our daughter’s surgery meant my body didn’t crash but I had the health, energy and strength to endure it all. Extremely thankful


Orlaith (Mum) & Aimee Weir

Turmeric Shots

She broke her 5th metatarsal, six weeks before dancing at the World Dancing Championships in Dublin on 27th March. A friend recommended the Turmeric & Ginger shots. After looking up the benefits of them we started them the very next day!….And we are still going strong!! They told us she will not be walking on it never mind dancing on it. But with taking the shots for 3 weeks she started back at dancing. The bone healed within those weeks and she had no pain!! We can’t give her ibuprofen as she has chest problems so this was our only shot!! The shots seems to work miraculously as the swelling went down, she was pain free and had more energy!! Not only did she dance again but she managed to get 2nd place at the Championships!!


Jim Kearney

Wheatgrass Shots

I have been using wheatgrass from So Good Juice for the past year as I have osteoarthritis and sciatica. It has reduced the inflammation in my joints and really dulled the pain that I was experiencing. I would highly recommend this product but you have to stick at it and take it daily.


Caroline Austin

Turmeric Shots

Hi. Just wanted to tell you how great I am finding your turmeric shots. I suffer with 3 types of inflammatory arthritis and started the shots.. I did notice a difference bit being me i had to question it further!! So I stopped for 20 days.. by day 14 I started to feel the usual fatigue and pain so by day 20 I was begging for my shots lol back on them now and slowly feeling better. Thank you