A Home Grown Brand

Founder Gerard Curran’s extensive experience & research about the healing benefits and restorative properties of Wheatgrass and more recently Ancient Root Vegetables Turmeric and Ginger started as a homemade product, eventually becoming a ‘Award Winning’ homegrown brand. From his base between Donegal & Derry, Gerard oversees every step of the process, combining each select ingredient in handcrafted artisanal batches and sourcing ingredients from local, sustainable farms.


The evolution of 'So Good Juice' has followed a similar trajectory to that of the North West’s drive for fitness, health and well-being. Borne out of a search for a non-medicinal alternative to heal the body and mind, 'So Good Juice' was founded during an autumnal walk on a Buncrana beach. Like most new business start-ups the idea grew out of an existing hobby. In our case, a family illness and some online research culminated in the micro farming of Wheatgrass in a shed in our garden. The business venture that you see today is a product of many years hard work and research. We are a local, young and innovative family run healthy juice business. From a “family and friends” style approach to product development we quickly identified a niche market and product with global researched health benefits, that had a strong demand base in the north west. The boom in outdoor sporting activities that emanated from the events promoted through the City Of Culture 2013 showcased to us that there was a desire for healthy living and a space in the market to launch our Wheatgrass product, that could compliment this new lifestyle change.


In the early days our micro farm was producing supplies of Wheatgrass that we distributed in the form of bagged grass. Customers juiced the product at home in what we now know was a cumbersome and messy way. Word of mouth was spreading fast and the product had gained traction with demand on our Facebook page exceeding our expectations. With further research I took the product to the next level, a step that undoubtedly led to our next phase of expansion. Rather than sell the product as a grass, we targeted the convenience of a juiced shot. The development of fresh and frozen shots saw the popularity of the product rise and the ability to sell it become significantly more feasible for our distributors. The demand across the whole northwest and now further afield has given us the confidence needed to take the brand to the next level.



Health and wellness has been a focal point in our family’s day to day routines and lifestyle choices.  We have always had an interest in learning about how our food choices can impact on our holistic well-being.  With a strong and trusted brand we strove to innovate further and meet the growing needs for non-medicinal remedies in tandem with the growing influence of sport in the town. In 2017 personal research of foods and their health properties led us to Turmeric. Turmeric is widely identified and accepted as a beneficial dietary ingredient for natural body balance and health.  It is now known to help with many health ailments including inflammation, dementia and depression. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits make it an ideal natural and safe treatment for athletes and indeed sufferers of arthritis and a natural way to boost the body’s metabolism. After sourcing and achieving food standards safety for our new product we launched a small scale pilot run of our turmeric shots in our existing distribution outlets. The initial feedback was very positive with many customers going on to confirm the fantastic health benefits as expected. Our innovation hasn’t stopped there. Further research had led to the introduction of a “Beetroot shot” to the range. Beetroot has many benefits including lowering blood pressure, improve blood flow, boost stamina and helps prevent against anaemia and iron deficiency. Once again the athlete’s friend.


Both our Turmeric and Beetroot Shots have complimented our original wheatgrass product and provide a platform of products offering an alternative method of treating various ailments and illnesses in a more natural and non-medicinal way.  Our products certainly speaks for themselves as we currently stock our product not only locally but through N. Ireland and parts of Republic of Ireland.